About Us

AnalyticTrading.co.uk is the culmination of decades of work, learning, experience and discussion with hundreds of fellow traders and investors through public forums and private trading rooms.

The ongoing theme and problem we found is that there is just so much information out there, and re-occuring issues for people new to modern trading and investment with unrealistic expectations.

It is increasingly difficult to digest the huge amount of information online and in books without getting bamboozled and distracted from the fundamental mathematical aspect of forming a trading strategy and plan that has a high-probability edge – and one that is significant enough to be a viable long-term method of investing to protect and grow your hard-earned savings.

Our learning curve has been long and at times expensive – but there is only one secret – to learn from any mistakes and do everything possible to avoid them happening again. Hence, we applied our collective knowledge and experience with programming and data-analysis to maintain our edge, and leverage the power of automated computer analysis, leaving us free to concentrate on the decisions better made by ourselves.

If you take the time to read through our website, from the Introduction to our custom-built MetaTrader Pro setup, you can build-up your knowledge with the best tools we have found for trading, and quickly get up to speed on our trading methods – saving yourself a lot of time from exploring the many dead-end strategies and signals we have eliminated over the years.

Trading and investment is one part of life that is made much easier by making and following some simple rules. Easier said than done though! Which is why we designed our indicators and Risk Manager EA – to continually show you the boundaries that the market sets, and you set yourself, to help you protect yourself from the very real emotions and stresses that can come from managing increasing amounts of your own money.

You need to be disciplined, realistic and able to change your ingrained understanding of what money is and how the value of other assets are measured relative to your own. And you must, must, must ingrain in your knowledge both the power and dangers of Leverage (The number one killer in trading), the single biggest attraction to trading – and most common danger when used incorrectly!

We learnt more from working as a team, sharing ideas and refining our strategies, than any of us ever could have alone – and would go as far as to say that none of us could have been profitable without learning from many others experiences.

So here, we aim to gather that experience and put it out to the world for further challenge and refinement, and keep us all working towards the same goals of maintaining our financial independence through increased knowledge and intelligent investment, and to protect all our accounts from the many, many inefficiencies of markets, and out-dated investment beliefs.

The information on this website is all free to read and use, and where we have invested significant amounts of time and money in creating advanced tools, that most people just don’t have the time or expertise to develop, then we do offer those tools for sale for a contribution towards the time and effort involved in publishing and managing the support for them.

If you find our software offering a reasonable investment to help manage your trading and investments, great, join our website and get yourself the same setup we use, but please do read through all rest of the infomation on the website and look at the other tools we link to, it is important that you are committed to being knowledgable and well-equipped – because there are many more ways to lose money out there, and not get anything for it.

Finally, do talk to us, let us know how you found us, what you think of the information and software. There’s no marketing-hype or hard-sell here, we are in this for the long-term and hope that, with a little help from us, and sensible investment in yourself, you will enjoy it all as much as we do.

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