Reading this page: 2 minutes.
Installing Profiles: A few minutes but be very careful to review and understand the settings.
Setting up your Profiles: Just a few minutes with our MetaTrader Pro setup

MetaTrader Profiles

Profiles are one of many valuable time-saving features in MetaTrader – they will help you save screen-space, enabling you to track and manage many different chart setups on one monitor or laptop that some people might otherwise use many monitors for.

All changes you make to charts and profiles are saved as you go, so that when you switch between profiles they always revert to the last setting when you left them.

We have taken the time to setup and organise groups of profiles to make our view of the markets meaningful and focused on the trade setups and management relevant to us at any particular time.

  • All Timeframes – These profiles are set to show the weekly, daily, 4-hourly, hourly, 30-minute, 15-minute, 5-minute and 1-minute charts all on one screen, tiled in timeframe order, to help you look at price-action and bias on all timeframes for each major currency pairs, commodities and the S&P500.
  • Commodities, Indicies and Stocks – These profiles are set to show the daily and hourly timeframe for related commodities, indices and stocks side-by-side for quick analysis or correlated and inverse price movements.
  • Major Forex Currency Pairs – These profiles are set to show the major currency-pairs daily and hourly charts in relation to each other major currency, to help us find the strongest and weakest currency movements, and to monitor correlated and inverse movements.

Our charts are set to the Dollar Pairs D1 profile 90% of the time to monitor movements in the major pairs and overall market sentiment to risk. Then we will occasionally look at the commodities, indices and stocks on the D1 timeframe to watch for approaching levels. When we see a potential setup we will zoom into the H1 timeframe profiles to look for the best levels to trade and then the All Timeframe profile for any instrument we are interested in trading to look for more price action confirmation or contradictions.

We recommend that before you install MetaTrader Pro, including our profile setups, that you delete all the unused default profiles that come with a standard installation to avoid confusion, and keep your setup clean and organised.

Once you are comfortable with how the MetaTrader profiles work, we recommend that you save any customisations as new profiles before you start changing them so that you can always revert to the default settings we provide for reference.

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