MetaTrader Pro

Reading through this section: About an hour.
Installing MetaTrader: 10 minutes for a demo account, maybe an hour or so for a live account with the paperwork.
Setting up MetaTrader yourself: To re-create a setup like ours it can take you some time, the information here is designed to help bring you up to speed quicker.
Installing our MetaTrader Pro setup if you choose to subscribe: 10-15 minutes

Why MetaTrader

As you may have already have found, we do quite like MetaTrader and think you will too when you explore all its capabilities.

It runs on most modern Windows systems, is highly customisable, widely supported, and comes with it’s own programming tools with MetaEditor, using the MQL programming language. Plus, there is a huge amount of information online to enhance its functionality, giving you tools that only a few years ago were very expensive, and accessible only to professionals and companies with larger budgets.

This means with a little effort and cost, we can add or create our own custom indicators and automated-trading programs, which we then backtest and optimise using the built in Strategy Tester.

Overall it is a complete platform for charting, trading, and our advance analytics research – it has almost become the Microsoft Word of trading platforms in recent years.

On this site we take you through both, the learning curve to equip yourself for safer trading and investment management, and then how to get the most from the MetaTrader platform – to make your trading technically-logical and time-efficient.

In this section we’ll cover the main features to explore, some handy tips, and what we have on offer to give you a setup you can adapt to trade any timeframe and instrument that MetaTrader brokers offer.

MetaTrader Pro

MetaTrader-Pro Setup

Our setup and recommendations are all based on the way we trade. There are many different ways to trade and approaches beyond the scope of this website, but in the interests of keeping our information focused on the methods we have experience with, we do not claim to cover everything – just what works for us, and we hope will work for you.

  • Indicators – Most of your standard chart indicators, and a fair few custom ones, come installed by default with MetaTrader, we don’t use any of them for our discretionary trading but, because they all come with the source code, they are ideal to begin learning how they are created. ATR and Bollinger bands can be useful if used in the right way, and some of the indicators can be customised to help show you when price is at points of interest. You will need to get familiar with how to add them to charts and adjust their settings to get an idea of the possibilities.

  • Templates – These are the files you save your chart settings with, including appearance, indicators, EAs and their settings. They are very useful for standardising your view of charts for technical trading and quickly applying the same template to new instruments or changing between views on each instrument.
  • Profiles – These are saved settings for the whole screen layout, including all instruments and the appearance of each chart with its indicators and EAs. They are automatically saved when you update your layouts and you can quickly switch between views for your market analysis.

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