Analytic Trading goes live!

After years of research, discussion and development we took the decision that we wanted a central place to deposit and share our collective knowledge of trading and investment using our technical analysis techniques.

So, 6 months ago, we came up with the concept for the website, registered a domain name that we think encapsulates our philosophy, and started directing our energies from the gigabytes of data we are processing, to working out how to make it digestible for those that haven’t been as lucky as we are to have access to so many resources. All with a view to encouraging like minds to follow our efforts, learn from them and, we hope, feedback to us experiences and ideas to help make what we do more accessible and understandable to more traders and investors – collectively keeping our accounts much safer from the markets.

With the website, we are also launching a packaged suite of our favourite MetaTrader Indicators that we are calling the MetaTrader Pro Setup. Polished and presented in a way that will help others get up to speed on our technical analysis findings, and then contribute to furthering their development.

Of course there’s the age-old question; “If it’s so good then why share it?” To which we have of course though long and hard about before opening up so much private research to the very public Internet. But we came to the conclusion that what we have achieved so far collectively is certainly greater than the sum of the parts, and with further intelligent feedback we can all further our life-long learning, and have a bit of fun with it all too. And, of course there’s a bit of ego involved, but all we can say to that is – you saw it all here first.

How do we put a price on our software – why not keep it private or just give it away? Well, that’s also been a hard decision, it has cost us a significant amount of time and money to develop our setup, and then package it all for public consumption – for which we think it is only fair to ask for reasonable compensation, but at a level that we truly believe should pay for itself very quickly in saved time, money, and profits.

The price of our software is set to be significantly less than it would cost would be to any individual, or even team, to reproduce our work. And from here-on, it is up to the public to vote on whether they see sufficient value in what we have to offer, so we have included a significant amount of free information, that you won’t find anywhere else, to help you justify your time while deciding.

Of course, building and running the website costs money – so we don’t particularly want to be out of pocket for that. If we do get sufficient support from users, then you should see that what we are offering is much more than your average fly-by-night trading marketeer and, with your support, we are certainly more-than capable of developing a lot more advanced tools to share if you like. We have boring costs to cover like accounting and support staff, and then we aim to continually re-invest in building a community of like-minded smarter investors.

Once you have a better idea of the power of MetaTrader and Analytic Trading, then do let us know what sort of tools you’d like to see developed, and the best ideas will be programmed, to help keep furthering all of our trading analysis and profits.

We are certainly not selling a wonder-strategy or pie-in-the-sky dreams – it really is take it or leave it – we’re already pretty pleased with our results anyway. The software should speak for itself, it should be used to help you understand and form many, many trading strategies for your own use and development, safer in the knowledge your research is far more methodical and comprehensive.

There are so many permutations for strategies than can be created from our technical analysis tools that we couldn’t possible trade them all ourselves, and as we have stated before, having a few more like-minded traders on-side can only help our own trades move into profit more often, and keep us all safe from over-simplified pitches from the industry of system and investment vendors that aren’t risking their own money when promoting the risk of yours.

So, have a look around, ask us questions, and let us know what you think. We’re in this for the long-run, and want you to be too.

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