Reading this page: 2 minutes.
Installing Templates: A few minutes with our MetaTrader Pro setup.
Setting up your Templates: Learn to save your chart set-ups as templates, and save yourself a lot time configuring charts with the same preferred settings.

MetaTrader Templates

Getting to know MetaTrader and its features will save you a lot of time in your chart setup – that you can then use to concentrate on looking for the best quality trade set-ups.

We recommend that you get confident with managing your chart, indicator and EA settings, and save your custom setups with self-explanatory file names to quickly apply those settings as required for each chart.

  • Bias & Levels – This is our default setup for day-to-day charts, giving us just the indicators we need to take an overview of each trading instrument that we are monitoring.
  • Clean Charts – The default chart setup of charts with MetaTrader we find to be a bit distracting so we have saved a template file to quickly set them to our clean chart view without grid-lines or colours, ready to add our preferred indicators and technical chart analysis based on price-action and pattern formation.
  • News Alerts – We tend to have news alerts running on the S&P500 chart to monitor US Dollar news and only on other instrument charts when we have open trades to manage on them to save ourselves from information and alert overload.
  • Risk Management – We will use this template on at least one chart when we have open orders and trades and on each chart for the instruments we are trading.

We recommend that before you install MetaTrader Pro including our template setups that you delete all the unused default templates that come with a standard installation – to avoid confusion and keep your setup clean and organised.

Remember that any new drawings or changes you make to a chart and then save as a template will them be re-applied to any other chart you load those settings for – so be careful to only save the objects that you want to be re-applied. If in doubt, save each template with a new name and only delete old template files when you are happy that the new template does everything you expected.

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